Monday, May 21, 2018

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

ARC, 327 pages
Release Date: May 22, 2018
Published by: Simon Pulse 
Read from: May 18-21, 2018
Source: TxLA
For fans of:  Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Diverse Reads, Diverse Authors, Sparkly Covers, Girl Power, YA

     Aspiring filmmaker and wallflower Twinkle Mehra has stories she wants to tell and universes she wants to explore, if only the world would listen. So when fellow film geek Sahil Roy approaches her to direct a movie for the upcoming Summer Festival, Twinkle is all over it. The chance to publicly showcase her voice as a director? Dream come true. The fact that it gets her closer to her longtime crush, Neil Roy—a.k.a. Sahil’s twin brother? Dream come true x 2.
     When mystery man “N” begins emailing her, Twinkle is sure it’s Neil, finally ready to begin their happily-ever-after. The only slightly inconvenient problem is that, in the course of movie-making, she’s fallen madly in love with the irresistibly adorkable Sahil.
     Twinkle soon realizes that resistance is futile: The romance she’s got is not the one she’s scripted. But will it be enough?
      Told through the letters Twinkle writes to her favorite female filmmakers, From Twinkle, with Love navigates big truths about friendship, family, and the unexpected places love can find you.


     I really liked Dimple, so I was really excited to get my hands on this one. And sure enough, being back in Menon's words was just as good this time around. I wasn't as big a fan of Twinkle, but I still really liked this one too. 
"I don't know if this is going to sound gross, but his insides match mine. I don't know how else to explain it. I see what he's made of, and it's the same stuff I'm made of too, I think."
pg. 84
     Twinkle has always been a wallflower, but suddenly she is given the chance to change the world by making her dream of directing a movie come true. This is also the time when she begins getting anonymous emails from someone named "N." Who can only be her long-time crush Neil right? But all the ideas she had about the way her life was going, things are not going as planned. But that doesn't turn out so bad.
"Moserey loves studying econ together."
pg. 114

     I LOVED the love interrest. That person was so amazing, even when they thought they weren't. I super identified with them as well. They were always in the background and I know all too well how that feels. (I have 2 other siblings and as the middle child, I've always been in the background.) I was so super proud of them for finally becoming the person they should've been the entire book. As for Twinkle, I didn't connect to her as much. For a larger part of the story she was a huge brat. I was not always impressed with her. In the end I was much happier with her discovering herself more and deciding to do what she did, but by then, I already wasn't a fan. I also didn't like how she listened to her love interest instead of her BFF that she's known forever.
"Maybe she gets off on making people feel small. I don't know. But you're not small, Twinkle.."
pg. 120
     As for the plot, I wish I could have seen more of the actual movie filming that they did. I mean, that was the WHOLE point of the book. But it was still good that we go to see a small part of it. I aslo really liked the way it was told through letters. It wasn't at all choppy or missing anything, which I find is sometimes the case in books written like this or novels in verse.
"[they] are like gentle sun on a winter's day. You automatically want to turn your face to it and soak it up."
pg. 177
     Being back with Menon's writing and meeting new characters made me completely happy. I can't wait to see what else she has in store!
Overall, I give this

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Stacking the Shelves #269 & the Weekly Wrap-Up!

This bookish meme tells the blogosphere what all we borrowed, bought, and received for review. It's hosted over at Tynga's Reviews.

From the Library: 
The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)My So-Called Bollywood Life
Cover image for Blood Water Paint

(Of course most of my audio holds come in at one time smh)

For Review:
MammothKiss Collector
Four Three Two OneI Do Not Trust You
The Me I Meant to BeWhen Life Gives You Demons

And for the biggest surprise of them all that I actually SCREAMED about: 
The Proposal

(It is taking ALL of me to not read this right now, but its still too early. However, I DID read the first chapter and OMGGGG!) 

The Weekly Wrap-Up!

Wednesday 05/16/18: Waiting on Wednesday:  Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee
Friday 05/18/18: Book Blogger Hop: Movies Based off Books!  

Me on Instagram:

This week I didn't post anything, but I DID add something to my story. The cover for Archenemies was FINALLY released and I can honestly say I'M IN LOVE!!!! This one is better than the first and now I REALLY cannot wait to get my hands on it! 

Here's a better picture since my Story cut off the edges!

Archenemies (Renegades #2)

love, Love, LOVE!
What did you think about it?

What went on at your blog?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

ARC, 435 pages
Release Date: May 22, 2018
Published by: Katherine Tegen
Read from: May 13-17, 2018
Source: TxLA
For fans of:  Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Diverse Reads, Diverse Authors, YA

     A gripping, relentless, and timely new novel from critically acclaimed author of Allegedly, Tiffany D. Jackson, about the complex mystery of one teenage girl’s disappearance and the traumatic effects of the truth.
     Monday Charles is missing, and only Claudia seems to notice. Claudia and Monday have always been inseparable—more sisters than friends. So when Monday doesn’t turn up for the first day of school, Claudia’s worried. When she doesn’t show for the second day, or second week, Claudia knows that something is wrong. Monday wouldn’t just leave her to endure tests and bullies alone. Not after last year’s rumors and not with her grades on the line. Now Claudia needs her best—and only—friend more than ever. But Monday’s mother refuses to give Claudia a straight answer, and Monday’s sister April is even less help.
     As Claudia digs deeper into her friend’s disappearance, she discovers that no one seems to remember the last time they saw Monday. How can a teenage girl just vanish without anyone noticing that she’s gone?


     Having missed her debut last year, when the reviews started rolling in, I knew that I had missed out on something really good. Because of that, I added this to my TBR and vowed that I would NOT miss this one. And let me tell you, I'm glad I didn't. This has already claimed my spot as the #1 thriller of 2018. 
"How can a whole person, a kid, disappear and no one say a word? Like, if the sun just up and left one day, you'd think someone would sound an alarm, right? But Ma used to say, not everyone circles the same sun. I never knew what she meant by that until Monday went missing."
pg. 1
     Monday is missing and her best friend Claudia seems to be the only one concerned. She has no idea what's going on and why no one will listen to her. Claudia goes through these months without Monday and has to withstand bullies, schoolwork, looks, and a first love. She knows that she has to do something to bring Monday home, because no one else seems to even notice she's gone.
"Breadcrumbs, Claudia. Always good to leave breadcrumbs."
pg. 8
    I heard in her last book there was a WTF ending, but those warnings still didn't prepare me for the one in this book. Jackson has a way of hooking you into her writing and I can honestly say I was hooked from page one. I HAD to find out what had happened to Monday, but I was not prepared for it. I thought I had an idea and I ended up not having a clue! This was the first sign that I loved this book and her writing style. 
"...just cause someone got a roof, don't make it a home. We don't have everything, but we have a lot to be grateful for."
pg. 185
     As for the plot, it was a bit all over the place and kinda scattered, but it didn't bother me because that's what a thriller or mystery does... Confuses you. It makes you think one thing when another thing is happening right under your nose. It definitely made me want to go back and find where I may have missed some of the information. 
"You good for taking other's burdens and making them your own."
pg. 218
    As for the characters, I really loved Claudia. She was so strong and so resilient. I felt so bad for her so many times and I wanted so bad to get people to leave her alone. She had such a tough time without Monday and they were wrong for preying on her. So sad. 
"Rumors are born with legs that can run a mile in less than a minute. Rumors eat up dreams without condiments. Rumors do not have expiration dates. Rumors can be deadly. Rumors can get you killed."
pg. 244
    I have already requested her debut novel so that I can read that one too. This was relatable and heartbreaking and super creepy all in one. Any book that can play on my emotions like that deserve to be read and loved by everyone. I hope you all love this one as much as I do! And for now, there's still time to pre-order! Go do it now! 
Overall, I give this

Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Blogger Hop: Movies Based off Books!

What were your worst movies based off books?

Image result for percy jackson and the lightning thief

I know I'm not alone in this. I've heard that even Rick Riordan didn't want to make the rest of them movies because this one was so terrible. (Idk how true this is, but  this movie IS that bad.) 

What about you?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Chaos of Standing Still by Jessica Brody

e-Audio, 11 hours & 5 minutes
Release Date: November 28, 2017
Published by: Simon Pulse
Read from: May 4-14, 2018
Source: Library 
For fans of:  Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, YA

     Ryn has one unread text message on her phone. And it’s been there for almost a year.
     She hasn’t tried to read it. She can’t. She won’t. Because that one message is the last thing her best friend ever said to her before she died.
     But as Ryn finds herself trapped in the Denver      International Airport on New Year’s Eve thanks to a never-ending blizzard on the one-year anniversary of her best friend’s death, fate literally runs into her.
     And his name is Xander.
     When the two accidentally swap phones, Ryn and Xander are thrust into the chaos of an unforgettable all-night adventure, filled with charming and mysterious strangers, a secret New Year’s Eve bash, and a possible Illuminati conspiracy hidden within the Denver airport. But as the bizarre night continues, all Ryn can think about is that one unread text message. It follows her wherever she goes, because Ryn can’t get her brialliantly wild and free-spirited best friend out of her head.
     Ryn can’t move on.
     But tonight, for the first time ever, she’s trying. And maybe that’s a start.


     What drew me to this was the author. I have read and loved many of the books that Brody has written. But after finally reading this one, I have to say, I can definitely see the growth and changes in her writing. This is my favorite one yet!
     Ryn's best friend died and it's all she can think about. But on the anniversary of her friend's death, Ryn finds herself trapped in an airport overnight. This is where she meets Xander. They swap phones on accident and things suddenly turn into a whirlwind that spins out of Ryn's control. Can she keep it together while still trying to cling to her best friend's memory?
     First off, I really liked the characters. Ryn was overcome by grief and she was so well written that sometimes it made me feel just as sad and lost as she did. I really felt for her and I sometimes frlt like I had to turn off the audio before I got too upset. And then there was Xander. I loved that he was the comedic relief. It made the story so much better and helped bring me out of the moods that Ryn put me in. 
   I also really liked the way the book was only set over 24 hours. It was so engrossing I didn't notice that it was only 24hours until the end. I loved the setting of snow and the busy airport with the cranky passengers and the holiday season. Having been in that situation before, I could definitely feel the panic that Ryn was experiencing, and it made me feel IN the story. 
     With this book being set in the snow gave me a nice break from the hot Houston sun, I fell into this book just as quickly as the timeline. I was late to this one, but I'm glad I finally read it. This is one I'm glad I didn't miss. 
Overall, I give this
There will be no quotes since this was read via audio.